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Whether are you looking for the best recovery applications? If yes it’s time for you to download Running DiskDigger in Mac Os. Suddenly you may miss some important files, photos and Videos from your internal memory or from your sd card. At that time you may feel vexed of trying different methods for getting those files back. For those persons, DiskDigger is here for you. Download it now and see on yourself! DiskDigger is a tool that undeletes and retrieves the missed documents from the drive, memory card, USB Flash Drives, CDs, and DVDs. You can find it on the App Store by searching for "diskdigger".

Although support for mac-OS is still officially experimental, DiskDigger can run nearly perfectly under mac-OS, thanks to the current state of Mono support for mac-OS. To get DiskDigger running, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Mono for mac-OS.

Mono runs on Mac, this page describes the various features available for users who want to use Mono or Mono-based technologies on mac-OS.

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